Translation Service

 Translate your words


collage-flag-2Your site, your brochures, your product catalog: translate in and from Italian, English, Japanese and Chinese (simplified)

Show your products and your services in the Far East lands, we translate for you:


  • Blog or social posts
  • Technical description about your products
  • SEO tags and structure (new!)
  • Guides
  • Professional report
  • Emails
  • Internal communications



From Italian to (and vice versa)


  • English                          50€ / folder
  • Japanese                      80€ / folder   
  • Chinese (simpl)         90€ / folder
  • Other combination   85€ / folder



Please note

Prices are only about the translation of web page

To translate entire site (menus, information, lists, …) contact me detailing your need

Insertion of translated page in your web site is your webmaster job.

No translation for  legal, medical or safety-critical content.


Contact me. NOW!

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